KSE Team



Stella Sunstein – Assistant Rider/Trainer

Stella joined the KSE team at the beginning of the 2015 season and is now an integral part of our team!

Team KSE is looking to fill Groom and Working Student positions!

Groom Position

Have you dreamed of being a top groom for a 4* event rider? This is your opportunity to travel to top competitions as Kristin Schmolze’s head groom. The position will begin with a 6 month intern stage in which you will become acclimated with Kristin’s program and horses before discussing a paid position. This is for someone passionate about specifically being a top head groom and is not a rider position. You will be provided with housing on a world class, breathtaking farm in Athens (utilities to be split by those living on premise). Must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply, and must have a current drivers license and vehicle.

Working Student

This is an opportunity to train, ride and learn from Kristin Schmolze for a hard working, driven individual at a breathtaking facility. Responsibilities would include daily care of horses and assistance around facility. Minimum 6 month commitment required. Housing on site will be provided on a world class farm in Athens (utilities to be split by those living on premise). Working student is welcome to bring their own horse but will need to pay board to facility owners. If bringing own horse is not an option, lessons will be available on Kristin’s past Advanced horses Cavaldi and Castle Jordan.

For more information regarding these positions please email Kristin directly at ksequestrianllc@gmail.com.